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Shopping Cart Bundles - GROCERY BUNDLES
Order Facility: 2Taste Catering

Small Family Cart


A grocery cart of provisions needed for a family of 2-3 persons to provide nutrition and homemade meals for a healthy week or maybe even more. Don't forget to add a bundle of your personal tastes that may be missing from items included here….

1 lb. Salted Butter, 12 Eggs, 1/2 gln. Milk, 1 Loaf Wheat Bread
3 Individual Cereal Boxes, 3 Oatmeal Packs & 3 Yogurts
2 lb. Deli Smoked Ham, 1 1/2 lb. American Cheese, 
3 Tomatoes, 3 Head Romaine, 1 Cucumber, 3 Onions, 
2 lb. Baby Carrots, 3 Green Peppers, 1 Bunch Celery
1 Broccoli, 1 Cauliflower, 1 lb. Red Potatoes, 1 lb. White Rice
1 lb. Ground Beef, 4-4oz Chicken Breast, 2-Pork Chops, 
2-4oz Salmon Filet
2 Oranges, 2 Apples, 1-pint Strawberries
60 oz Orange Juice, 1 case Bottled Water

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